Log Cabin with Stunning Rustic Interior

Log Cabin with Stunning Rustic Interior

There's something about a log cabin home or vacation home that inspires comfort and longing, a simpler time and a feeling of familiarity. This "Log Cabin With A Refreshing View," is beautiful inside and out, and leaves the viewer wanting to know more, about the place and its surroundings.

There aren't a lot of details about this beautiful log cabin, with a covered wraparound porch, perfect for sitting and looking at the incredible view of forests and mountains. The log cabin has a stonework chimney, master bedroom with stone fireplace, bunk beds, and a lovely rustic appeal, that draws you in. The landscaping at this log cabin home is perfect, with a deep green grassy front lawn, and perfect hedges and trees surrounding the place. A log cabin like this, is the thing that dreams are made of, I think many people would like to imagine themselves in a log cabin home, or vacation home like this, simply beautiful.

Log cabins remind me of my childhood, where my family was fortunate to own a log cabin on a quiet lake, on an island only accessible by boat. The lake the log cabin was situated on, was only accessible by four wheel drive as the road was full of rock cuts, and washed out areas, this in itself made the log cabin seem even more mysterious, simply by the fact that it was difficult to get there, so we usually had the lake to ourselves. Our summers spent at the log cabin, were full of swimming, boating, fishing, water skiing and adventuring. Paddling around in our canoe, my brother and I would explore long forgotten camping sites, and wooded areas that seemed untouched by anyone. I suppose for me log cabins will always hold a special place in my heart.

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