Log Cabin Log House Log Home

Log Cabin Log House Log Home

Living in a rustic log home is a natural experience. There are many benefits to adopting the log home lifestyle, and you never know, you could be living in one next! it is so easy to love the log cabin lifestyle and the top reasons are plenty. Log homes have been around for centuries, and maybe even your ancestors lived in one! The log homes were iconic and many settlers built these log homes and some still stand today, some even from the 14th century! They are a part of our history and country. Another stand out feature of log home living is that they are 100% unique. No two cabins are built with the exact same configurations of shingles, exterior siding, finishings and upgrades. With so many varieties of wood available, the possibilities are endless.

The construction is timeless, and the natural beauty shines in comparison to the cookie cutter, row-upon-row of manufactured cul-de-sacs in modern America. The natural elements of the log homes help regulate temperature, keeping the home cool in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter.

The environmental benefits of log homes are one of the best features of owning this type of home. Most log homes and made from reclaimed timbers, or harvested dead wood, which means the wood has been killed in a natural way, like blown over by the wind, struck by lightning or killed by bugs, beetles or wood eating insects (termites). Luckily, there are types of wood that repel insects too. Cedar (and other aromatic woods) have a natural "repellent" oil in their wood that drives insects away (much like a ceder chest keeps away moths). The second best feature of these homes is the cost. Less than some of the modern means of construction, the technological advancements now allow these homes to be built in a matter of weeks. It is important that these homes are built quickly to avoid exposure to the elements as wet wood can warp and twist, and a damp environment encourages mold and mildew growth.

If you are on the market looking for a new home, you should investigate the benefits of log home living, and familiarize yourself on the pros and cons of this lifestyle. as the pros significantly outweigh the cons, you could soon find yourself the owner of an amazing log home. Make sure you check out The Log Builders via the link below for more inspiration.

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