Log Cabin Home Kits

Log Cabin Home Kits

We do not all have the ability to buy a large pieces of land and build a log home from scratch. Thankfully, in this day and age there are ways to have your dream log home without quite so large of an investment or as much time to go into the building. In order for this to be a possibility in your life, it might be smart to look at the idea of a log home kit. Log home kits will start at a much lower price and will not require nearly the time nor expertise in order to have it ready to live in. There are log home Cabin Home Kits that start at $24,999 for the complete package. They are often easy to build (even with a small amount of building experience) and many will auction on eBay.

You will absolutely love and appreciate the final product, especially for the low price. If you dream of a log home that you can share with your loved ones you will find this design relaxing and appealing.

An example of what you will get for the log home cabin kits include: a brand new log package that includes unused, unopened, undamaged items in its original packaging. Some log kits will allow you to build a beautiful log home with a solid D log base, log beam for the 2nd floor joists, 2 inch flooring, log siding for shed wall, gables and dormers. The total finished sizes can vary but can be over 2000 square feet or even larger if the space is possible on your property.

How long will it take to receive this log home package? It takes approximately 4 weeks before it will be ready to shop to your address, but in the grand scheme of things this is much less than a regular house.

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