Log Cabin Builder - 800SQFT Amazing Little Log Cabin that is Just Perfect

Log Cabin Builder - 800SQFT Amazing Little Log Cabin that is Just Perfect

There is something special about log cabin homes, they have a certain warmth and cosy appeal, making them a great permanent home, or vacation home. This "Log Cabin Builder - 800SQFT Amazing Little Log Cabin that is Just Perfect," would be the ideal place to spend a lot of time with family and friends, at any time of year.

The builder is War Young Architecture and Planning, they do designs for custom homes, resorts, hospitality and commercial uses. They have studios in Truckee and Lafayette, California, making them the perfect people to design homes in the Lake Tahoe, San Francisco Bay Area and other areas of the Western United States. This 800 square foot cabin is the perfect size, to live or vacation in, with peaked roofs, and the beautiful use of log poles for the outdoor covered patios and entranceway, lots of stonework and the unique use of wood on patio makes this place fit right into ints natural surroundings.

This website has lots of great articles for you're building needs, some of which include; Colorado casual chair, woody kitchen, classic wood bedroom, West Virginia residence, Adirondack Style Lodge, Balsam Mountain Rustic Elegance, Wild Turkey lodge bedrooms, Flathead River Bigfork to name a few . Some of the categories on the site include; blueprints, builders, log cabins, log furniture, luxury log homes and vacation rentals. Looking at different websites, books and resources is an excellent way to find out what sorts of designs and styles you like, if building a log cabin is something you're considering, there isn't just one look, there are so many, keeping a notebook or inspiration board are both great ways to narrow down what appeals to you, of course talking to a reliable builder is also helpful in determining what you're looking for.

To read more about this subject, visit the website link below to "The Log Builders" website.

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