Log Cabin 5.0m x 8.0m Log Cabin for About $12,000 Bucks

Log Cabin 5.0m x 8.0m Log Cabin for About $12,000 Bucks

Log cabins are a traditional tried tested and true building that people have been making and living in for centuries! Here is Log Cabin 2098 5.0m x 8.0m. Garden Log Cabin from Beaver Log Cabins, a great little cabin for a back yard guest suite, rental unit, or even a studio or office building. The cabin comes from Ireland and the company not only makes these beautiful little garden cabins, they also make play sets for kids and sheds for storage too! This cabin could even be used as a tiny house if you wanted to live a small house life.

The wood is stained a beautiful golden amber color and looks so natural and cozy, there are lots of windows to allow in sunlight to warm and light the cabin too. There is also a great little patio to lounge on, having a glass of wine or tea enjoying the outdoors. These particular cabins are made just with shell, no interior, but they do have options in their pull down menu on the page for extra options to add onto your cabin. This makes it a lot easier than having to go and locate all of the different things at different stores, so can save you a lot of time if you have the extra money to spare.

Log cabins and homes are awesome structures to have. And the log cabin kits make it extremely easy to build. They include all of the pre milled materials needed to build this sweet little backyard haven. You can do it with any budget you may have, and for the purpose you will be building it for. These little cabins can last a very long time if they are looked after well, and have years of life in them! Head on over to 'Beaver Log Cabins' for more on these awesome little places, by following the link in the description below for more!

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