Loftstugan 30 Log Cabin Contact for a Quote!

Loftstugan 30 Log Cabin Contact for a Quote!

This tiny "Cabin Title 28" is named the Loftstugan, and it is a tiny cabin made in a classic design that is similar to the company's other Loft style Cottage in the range. The tiny cottage has the same type of high ceiling and living space and loft area for a bedroom, small bathroom or even a kitchenette area.

This tiny loft cabin works well for the self-builder or the person who wants a turnkey project. Log Home Solutions helps you to design the tiny cabin that best suits your needs, whether it be for a holiday cottage, children playhouse or a garden cabin. Tiny house options include changing the tiny cabin layout, purchasing a higher more quality type of insulation, using triple glazed windows and wall coverings in log panelling or plaster board. You can request the company's shipping description for more technical information.

Log home solutions has a good variety of Scandinavian Log Homes and Cabins, and Finnish log homes that are respected throughout the world as high quality and well designed tiny homes and log homes. The tiny houses and log homes are manufactured from Northern Pine which is an excellent construction material suitable for all sorts of environments. Northern Pine is an ecological natural material that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in every tiny home or log home. This is why log homes have been constructed in Scandinavia for hundreds of years. Log Home Solutions offers these quality homes as Self Build Kits or as Turnkey Projects. You'll want to take a look at their tiny house and log home collection and find the home of your dreams.

You may have heard about tiny house living on television or on a website you recently looked at, and you probably have noticed just how much fun these tiny houses can be! You are not alone when it comes to being curious about tiny house designs, because they are something that people are interested in. You'll find tiny house designs with names like gypsy vardo caravans, house boats, yurts, house boats, cob cottages, dome homes, pod homes, log cabins, beach shacks, house trucks, buses, cargo trailers and more. You may have even stayed in a tiny house at some point in your life. Tiny house living is better than ever before. Tiny houses are also a popular option when it comes to tiny house vacations, where you can stay in a unique local tiny house in locations around the world.

While some people choose to live in tiny houses or small houses full time, they are also good for other needs and purposes. Some people might consider a tiny house design for use as an artist studio or writers small cabin, for others a tiny house might be used for guests when family comes over to visit and you want them to have a private space to stay that is separate from the house. You might choose to use a tiny house for your tiny office space, a place to get some typing done, and to get away. You can also use a tiny house for a vacation home, located on your ocean view piece of property. The good news is, that tiny houses and small house designs are becoming more and more innovative, and there is lots to choose from with styles available from prefab tiny houses to tiny houses on wheels, there's never been more options to choose from. Whatever you might choose to use a tiny house for, you are sure to find something in a size and plan that suits you and your family, or maybe its just for you. Tiny houses are here to stay. Contact Log Home Solutions for a quote.

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