Lodge Decor Furnishings Make For Happy Holidays

Lodge Decor Furnishings Make For Happy Holidays

There are so many beautiful things that can be made out of logs. Here is an article about how Lodge Decor Furnishings Make For Happy Holidays. Logs are a great material to build so many things out of, or buy something that is made from a log from a local artisan, there is something so nice about having a piece of furniture or a beautiful jewelry case, like the one in the photo here. Any woman who loves jewelry and nature would love this log rustic style jewelry box that seems hand carved. Maybe you could even make one yourself!

Logs really make lovely furniture and are a great way to add some of nature into your space. They are not just beautiful, they are also very sturdy and will age very gracefully, the more they are used, the better they tend to look. When oils get into the logs, it brings out their natural colour, and enhances it too! Making it always look great, and ever changing, but always beautiful. I love the way this jewelry box is made, with the nice drawer in it, that would be great for storing rings, bracelets and pendants. What a great gift to give someone!

The author also talks about how to better deal with family over holidays, and how we don't need to impress everyone all the time, or be right about everything. Families are probably the people we love the most, but the people that get on our nerves the most, and sometimes its best if we just keep the conversation light and not too deep or heavy. For family members you only see once in a while, just try and keep it brief and polite, and she also mentions how its good to realize you can't change any one, and the sooner we all realize this, the better off we will be. Head over to 'Rustic Decor Living' by following the link in the section below!

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