Living Large In Our Little House

Living Large In Our Little House

Facebook is a great place to share bits and pieces of our life with the world. This article shows how one lady is living large in her little house. The pictures demonstrates Cathy Johnson who is an artist living her dream and living in a tiny cabin in the forest. Many people are stuck doing jobs they don't like and living in a place they don't want to live. It's the sad truth of our culture that it can be difficult to make a living, and even more difficult to make a living doing something that inspires you and that you're excited to do every day. While some people wake up in the morning and dread the day ahead, others are lucky enough to wake up looking forward to the work ahead. This lady owns and operates her own artistic business - Cathy Johnson Art, and she has successfully made a living doing what she loves - drawing and creating beautiful pieces of art that she sells to the community.

She lives in a beautiful cabin out in the wilderness, where she gets to wake up every morning and sit outside as she soaks up some nature vibes and thinks of what she's going to create that day. The link on the Facebook page will direct you to her personal page where you can see some of her beautiful work. She has no shortage of imagination, and it makes sense living in a place like that! Her drawings are creative and unique, and she clearly has a strong passion for her work that comes across in every image she creates. You can contact her to purchase some of the art if you're interested, otherwise you can just check them out and appreciate the talent. Cathy also posts some inspirational messages through Facebook, sharing her own perspectives and articles she has found helpful in her creative life.

Cathy's cute tiny home is the perfect example of the kind of home that is possible to have if you let go of what you think a home should be and just let your heart guide you to what you really want. It can actually be very surprising to some at how little we are able to own and create a happy life. Cathy's tiny house is made very simply out of wood, and doesn't look like it has been stained, just the natural beautiful look of the wood aging gracefully. The tiny house has a lovely deck that is actually quite large and extends around one side of the house. The tiny house is raised up from the ground as well, giving it some nice height. I love all of the large windows in her home as well, it really opens up the space to the outside world, and you can see the glow of the golden light from the outside, which always provides such a warm ambiance. Her tiny home looks like it is just the perfect size of space for one person to live in. When you think about it, what do you really actually need in a house? A roof over your head to keep you dry, a bathroom, a kitchen to cook in and a place to sleep. We are starting to realize in our fast paced society that simpler is better. That is why so many people are turning to tiny house living to simplify and de-stress their lives.

Living tiny means that you are living within your means, therefore you are able to afford your living space easily. When you can do this, you don't have to work so hard and spend so much time in order to afford a life beyond your means. This means that you will have more time for your hobbies and passions and living! So get inspired by Cathy and other tiny house dwellers!

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