Live Now In This Spectacular Log Cabin For Only $7500!!

Live Now In This Spectacular Log Cabin For Only $7500!!

Ever wanted to live in a log cabin? Live Now In This Spectacular Log Cabin For €6930.00! These log cabins from Beaver Log Cabins come to us from Ireland. The beautiful cabins can be used for full time home use, for a recreational cabin or even as a business as seen on their home page. The cabins they build are made with extra good quality Siberian pine and when treated , they will never deteriorate or decompose. Siberian Pine is one of the best types of log to build with since it is fully able to endure any weather and stand up to anything that comes it's way. This cabin comes with add on options that you can purchase for an insulated floor, insulated roof, different types of shingles for the roof, deck building, coats of paint and more. Mostly, pre fabricated cabins do not include everything in the list price. So you have to make sure that you know what you are getting before you order and think you are getting something you will not get. Sometimes they don't come with windows or insulation, so if you want a turn key option, you better find out from the company what that will cost on top of the original price.

Log homes are a wonderful investment. They are a traditional home that can last years when taken care of properly. This particular one looks very traditional in it's appearance. I love the colour of the natural wood, and the many windows that are in it. It would be such a nice, bright space, with all of the natural light being able to come in! It even looks to have a loft in it, which would be great for storage, or an extra sleeping space! If you are interested in this cabin or want to see some other great cabins, head over to 'Beaver Log Cabins' by following the link in the description below!

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