Little Pink House off Mississippi

Little Pink House off Mississippi

The Little Pink House off Mississippi is located just one block from Mississippi Avenue in the Boise neighborhood of downtown Portland, Oregon. It is a great little tiny house in a fantastic neighborhood. And the best part about this tiny little house is that its a rental unit, available for travelers to rent by the night, week or month.

How many times have you rented a room for a night and had to drive by it multiple times until you actually found it? Not the case with the Little Pink House. In fact, you cant miss it! It actually shares a lot with another little house that is painted neon green and just down the street is a bright purple duplex. This Little Pink House isnt as out-of-the-ordinary as what you may think. In the Boise neighborhood of Portland, color is waved like a flag and this little house is located among older raspberry, amethyst and golden houses.

There is a story behind the pink too. The owner, Rick, laughs when asked. But his serious answer is this: the first house he bought, on a budget, was painted pink. Instead of being embarrassed by the color, or even painting over it in a vain attempt to forget it, he and his roommate embraced it and threw a pink-themed party. The people from his ultimate Frisbee team left their macho-ness outside the door and sported pink shirts, shorts and shoes. Unintentionally and even unaware, Rick had tapped into a pink energy force. Color theorists believe pink is a sign of hope that everything will be okay. And, everything seems to be okay! Fast-forwarding a decade, Rick and his partner Kristin were trying to decide on exterior paint colors for their tiny twin houses. From the color wheel, Rick chose bright pink and green and the couple went with it.

The Little Pink House is brand new. Even at just 200 square feet, it boasts a full bath with a standing shower, bamboo flooring, reclaimed wooden stairs and sofa that doubles as a pull-out, full-sized bed. Although there is no kitchen, there is a microwave but being only one block off Mississippi Avenue, the Little Pink House is located among many bars, restaurants and one of the best coffee shops in all of Portland. As you would imagine, being only 200 square feet in size, there are many space-saving features from the narrow loft to the covered porch. Rick has managed to reduce his footprint to the smallest of sizes. But Rick didnt cut corners when it comes to the full-sized bathroom with a shower. Because the Boise neighborhood is packed with dynamic dining opportunities, Rick skipped on the kitchen but provides a wooden roll-out table perfect for eating take-out (or left-overs) on.

Priced at just $161 CAD per night (about $124 USD), this is well within most travelers budgets. The location is one of the selling points, being only a ten minute walk from the Yellow Line MAX, which will take you pretty much everywhere you want to go. Rick and Kristin supply you with a code to get in the door, but they only live a few minutes away and are easily accessible by text or e-mail most of the time, should you have any problems (which you shouldnt!). The best part about the whole experience is that it gives you just a glimpse of what life could be like if you lived in your own tiny home. Obviously, with no kitchen, you would need to make some changes, but it is a great experience for anyone with curiosity about living in a tiny space of their very own.

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