Let the Light in with the Fairview Log Home Package for $89,858

Let the Light in with the Fairview Log Home Package for $89,858

Log homes and cabins evoke a sweet nostalgia, reminding us of simpler times. Let the Light in with the Fairview Log Home Package for $89,858. Log homes have been made for centuries. In the beginning, people simply made use of the materials they could find in their immediate environment and usually practiced a conscious and mindful approach to all the things they did. It seems that the people of today are taking up on this once again and holding more mindful values in their lives. And there is no better place to start than with the homes we live in.

Fairview Log Home, is a modestly sized log home with so much to offer in it's design and layout. At the eLog Homes website, you are able to buy the plans for the cabin or home you want to construct, so that you have all the proper blueprints to give to contractors and for permits depending on where you live. The plans start quite affordably at $299 plus $15 for shipping and handling and you get 2 of them for this price. The Fairview Log Home is a beautiful chalet style house, with great large windows in the living room, opening it up to the surroundings around it, inviting sunlight and nature into the home. The home itself is 1713 square feet on the first floor, and 693 square feet on the second floor, where the master bedroom and the master bathroom take up the whole tip floor. The other 2 bedrooms are on the main level with the kitchen, dining room, living room and another full bath. This makes for an entire square footage of 2406 square feet.

There is a large 504 square foot porch that extends the entire length of the home and a balcony off of the master bedroom suit. This would be such a lovely feature to have, with a balcony off of your bedroom, you can enjoy the ambiance of the outdoors before even having to leave your bedroom, making the mornings that much sweeter. There is plenty of space for the average family, and even then some. It looks like the perfect family home or even a large cabin.

With the rise in popularity of log homes and cabins, there are so many places that you can order the pre fabricated log homes and cabins from, and eLog Homes makes it as easy and as affordable as possible, while maintaining their quality materials and great service. You can check out the Fairview Log Home Package and more terrific log homes when you go over to eLog Homes by following the link in the description below.

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