'Kerawinds' Cute 437 Sqft Log Cabin Costing only $29k has a Stunning MUST See Interior!

'Kerawinds' Cute 437 Sqft Log Cabin Costing only $29k has a Stunning MUST See Interior!

While SMALLER homes do not have to make everything else seem tighter and cramped for the residents. As a matter of fact they - like casitas and accessory dwelling units (ADUs) -provide more benefits compared to bigger houses.

One of the most important things to consider in buying a house is the size: the bigger, the costlier to maintain. But a smaller home, which requires a smaller portion of the lot, cuts your expenses in half and also leaves a bigger space that can be used for other purposes.

A smaller house also requires less power consumption, which means fewer lighting units and other electrical fixtures. There is also less worry on wasted space as cleaning becomes a lot easier; use of the vacuum cleaner and water is minimized, saving you money, time and effort.

Unsurprisingly, a smaller home will always lack that much needed space. But, this does not have to affect comfort and privacy. You can always change the scenery in and around your house no matter how big or small it is. And you don't even need the expertise of an interior designer to do it for you. All it takes is some creativity to make your little abode look and feel much bigger than it actually is.

The "Kerawinds" Log Cabin offers you the opportunity to live in a perfect log cabin house with gorgeous wooden interiors at a low and affordable price? Finally, there is a way to get every single thing you need for your perfect log cabin in a log cabin package that costs only $29k and looks phenomenal!

Not only does it come with the option of customizing it to your tastes with extra porches, french doors, additions and more, it also offers some of the most incredible interior views of a log cabin home that are out there, complete with a wood burning fire stove and modern kitchen. It even has gorgeous windows to let in plenty of sun light, as well as a beautiful wooden staircase leading up to your front porch.

This 'Kerawinds" log cabin also offers spacious interiors with an ingenious floor plan that includes not only two separate bedrooms but also a kitchen, living room, bathroom and covered porch area, maximizing the available space. It is an incredible cabin package that is even more amazing given its brand new wooden floors, gorgeously outdoor-themed wooden furniture, kitchen, and porches. This cabin is a real gem, especially for those who love wooden log homes; myself included. I always prefer to live in a home with wooden floors, wooden furniture, and wooden walls. I prefer wooden log furniture and homes because the esthetic feel of being surrounded by wood, it is very calming and feels like you are in nature surrounded by trees, which is a very peaceful experience. Even now I still love wooden homes and furniture and this amazing and incredible log cabin really speaks to my tastes.

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