Karen and Gary Bought a Ruined Tobacco Barn. What They Did with It Is Incredible.

Karen and Gary Bought a Ruined Tobacco Barn. What They Did with It Is Incredible.

This "Southern Vintage A Tobacco Barn Turned Home" is so full of character, country charm and a vibrant history worth listening to. In North Carolina these historic, handcrafted log buildings, were once used to dry and cure tobacco leaves, and define the rural landscape.

Couple Karen and Gary Manfredi found a place that pretty much had it all, for these Florida transplants that were search of a simpler life. They had a hilltop farmstead with a 19th-century brick house, sun drenched land sloping down to a winding creek and a four-mile commute to a pleasant Carolina town. The 500 square foot home was handcrafted by local builder Kevin Thomas from old tobacco barns, 1920s windows and river rocks. Just one thing was missing from their country idyll and that was a hewn-log tobacco barn.

These historic tobacco barns hare historic in North Carolina, and were once used to dry and cure tobacco leaves, and they had a way of defining the landscape. Unfortunately they are fast disappearing, as tobacco is bulk cured in modern places. When Karen discovered that the place she was looking at had once had several tobacco barns, she wanted to bring one back to the property, a log home that could be placed down by the creeks and used as a little shelter, maybe with a grill and a few chairs to sit around and enjoy. So after she ran an ad in the local paper in the area, she was lucky to find one that was still standing on an old homestead located near the Virginia line. Karen had no idea that this project would become much more than a little rustic shelter, but rather lead her and her family into embracing the log home lifestyle that they hadn't even thought of before, they were in for a pleasant surprise. The tobacco barn Karen ending up buying was simple and typical, measuring about 16 by 14 feet and constructed entirely out of oak logs hewn with a broad ax and an adze.

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