It Seems Modest at First Glance, but It Has Everything You Need

It Seems Modest at First Glance, but It Has Everything You Need

Here’s another cute little micro home! It’s a sweet little Gable-Style Tiny House built by Mighty Sheds and Cabanas. Are you down with tiny house living? It’s definitely all the rage these days and it’s sweet little houses like this one that make us want more, more, more! Not only does this 12 by 16 gable-style tiny home have a front porch where you can have a little barbeque, sit and drink your morning coffee, or watch the evening sunset, it also has a surprising amount of space inside. Enough for a dining area downstairs and a loft up top, where you can put a mattress or a futon. What a perfect spot to live, camp, or even work, depending on what your needs may be.

And if this isn’t quite the structure you were looking for, Mighty Sheds and Cabanas has a lot more to offer, including cabins, storage buildings, and bona fide garden sheds. They are eco-friendly, using all earth-friendly building systems, products and materials. If you are thinking of going off-grid, they can probably help you with that as well. And what’s all this about tiny house living? It’s not really a new concept – it’s been around for centuries and has never really gone away. It’s just that we were so distracted by large homes and properties, we didn’t really notice them for a while. To put it all in a nutshell, tiny house living – or micro living as it’s popularly called now – is whittling down your living space to just the essentials! As most people in North America tend to live in houses that are 26-2700 square feet – and even larger, tiny house people live in houses that are 400 square feet or smaller. Imagine! Normal-sized humans living in hobbit houses! It’s not as crazy as you might think.

In fact, more and more people are thinking it’s a pretty sane and practical idea. How do we know this? Just check out your TV guide for a second. Have you noticed the growing number of television shows about tiny houses and tiny house living? Ladies and gentlemen, we have “Tiny House Hunters”, “Tiny House Nation”, “Tiny House, Big Living”, and “Tiny House Builders”, to name but a few! And hello, these are just the TV shows. What about the feature articles in top print magazines and newspapers? What about the countless tiny house blogs, websites, videos, photos, and ads on the web? There is a method to the madness. There are so many reasons why tiny house living in the 21st century just makes sense. The biggest one is economic. Most people simply cannot afford to buy a big home anymore. They don’t want to take out a huge mortgage that will take a lifetime to pay off. They don’t want to sell their souls to the bank. And why should they? Not when they can finance a tiny home without even having to take out a loan – or if they have to take one out, it will be a small one that they can pay back in a short time frame.

See, that’s how people are thinking. They’re saying, hey, why not just scale down a little and invest in something smaller? Something that we can buy easily, something we can build easily, maintain and clean easily? Maybe even something we can move around easily! Wouldn’t that be cool? So many tiny homes these days are mobile, so you can live in more than one place at a time. The added bonus? Minimal, if any, property taxes.

And tiny houses send our kids the right message – living within our means and building a healthy relationship with our environment! A smaller home equals a smaller carbon footprint. So many tiny house designers are building these lovely homes with their environmental impact in mind, and Mighty Sheds and Cabanas is one of them!

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