It Looks like a Modern Hawaiian Surf Shack, but the Interior Tells a Different Story

It Looks like a Modern Hawaiian Surf Shack, but the Interior Tells a Different Story

Oh this is a sweet little Bali-style tiny cottage could be an easy tiny home to live in, dont you think? Only, its not in Bali! Its actually located in Kealakekua Bay in Captain Cook, Hawaii which, in some ways, is even better! For those of us who live in North America, Hawaii is a lot closer than Bali, so a visit to this gorgeous little spot is totally manageable. Right?

Ah, just think of it this lovely little tiny cabin can provide us with the best of two worlds, really. All of that gorgeous Balinese architecture and antique detail coupled with some of the most gorgeous beach scenery in the world.

The tiny house structure is completely built with reclaimed and recycled teak panels from Bali. Check out all of that beautiful intricate carving and imagine the light shining through those panels, casting whimsical shadows all over the walls, ceilings, and floor amazing! Combine this with really tasteful antique furniture as well as classically-Hawaiian dcor, such as surfboards on the ceilings, and youve got the perfect combination! Also, in keeping with Balinese tradition, the kitchen is entirely open meaning, its OUTSIDE. Hows that for sweetness? Especially in that hot Hawaiian heat! Cooking out here will make your life so much easier, and cooler, on those excruciatingly humid days. As for the bedroom, just look at that four-poster bed with the canopy that you can pull down around you at night, keeping away the mosquitoes and tucking you in for a cozy sleep. What a romantic spot this could be if you have a sweetheart! And if you need a siesta in the daytime, theres even a sweet little hammock for you to crawl into. For the more adventurous, you could even try sleeping out here at night!

This Bali-style tiny cottage has tons of privacy and there are a few great areas on the property where you can sit back and put your feet up or invite a few friends over to entertain. Imagine sitting out here with a tall, cool tropical drink, sipping in the shade in the heat of the day. Theres even an outdoor shower for you to enjoy in the mornings, evenings, or after a swim at the beach! And just look at that beautiful ficus tree right outside the front door, its practically holding the place up it is as much a part of the tiny cottage as the walls, floors, and ceiling are. It would be so lovely spending a day or night within the comforting branches of that tree.

This is exactly what living in Bali is like living inside and outside all at the same time. Theres barely any difference, really. Living this way makes it seem like you have a heck of a lot more space than you actually do. We love Bali, and we love Hawaii too. This sweet Balinese tiny cottage is located in the quiet and friendly neighbourhood of Napoopoo Village. From here, itll take you just over a minute to walk down to Manini Beach Park for a swim or a walk or a day in the sunshine. So how about it, lets go to Hawaii this spring and spend a week or two at this dreamy little tiny home.

We found this adorable tiny cottage at the Tiny House Pins website. What a great place to peruse if you are into the tiny house scene. People post their favourite tiny home discoveries and there is so much to look at, dream about, and marvel over here. The tiny house movement is going strong, and its growing all over the world. Were always so excited to see the newest tiny house creations and this lovely Balinese-style tiny cottage is one of the most unique ones weve discovered so far.

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