It Looks Classy, but It Isn't More Expensive than a Minivan

It Looks Classy, but It Isn't More Expensive than a Minivan

This charming 44 m Log Cabin would make the perfect log cabin retreat on a scenic piece of property. This 473 square foot log cabin has two bedrooms and an adorable front covered patio, perfect for sitting out and enjoying your morning tea. The Liisa log cabin would be great for a couple or small family who want a tiny place just to get away for holidays and vacations. This log cabin could also be used as a backyard office, artist studio, writers retreat, gardening shed or guest log cabin; the possibilities are endless. This log cabin sells for about $19,876. This charming log cabin is built by FinEstAM log cabins. FinEstAm Log Cabins is a family run log cabin business that supplies quality timber buildings. You will find a variety of log cabins on their site to include log homes, log cabins, log mobile homes, transportable Park homes, timber caravans, summerhouses and garden cabins, pool houses, commercial log building, school classrooms and sports pavillions, chalets and lodges and timber frame houses. The log cabin company builds custom log cabins and log homes in whatever size, shape or use you need. They can customise any of their log cabin design layouts, floor plans or specifications for different requirements. These quality log cabins are a great idea when you need some extra space, or maybe you need a vacation log cabin, there is something on the site to suit every budget and need.

Choosing to buy a log cabin or tiny cabin made out of wood is a good choice. With all the talk about sustainability and longevity, using wood as a building material is a good idea. Wood is a natural resource and one that is good for the planet and the environment. The FinEstAm log cabins use the most ECO-Friendly method of log cabin building. All of their building materials come from sustainable sources in Estonia and Finland and need minimal maintenance to last. Using wood to build is a good way of lowering carbon footprints the natural way. There is a lot to like about wood. Logs provide natural insulation, known as thermal mass, which helps to maintain warm temperatures in cold conditions and temperate conditions in the heat of a summers day. This means lower heating bills, much less energy usage and greater energy efficiency.

Did you know that log homes have been built in Northern Europe and Scandinavia for more than a thousand years? The log cabin tradition has been carried out through the centuries by passing the knowledge and skills from one generation to the next. The art of log home building is not only a tradition or craftsmanship; it is a way of life. Today log home builds combine the log home building traditions with the past, with the modern technology of today. That means that log homes are built to be even more energy efficient, and are built to last even longer than they were in the past. Benefits of living in a log home include enjoying a healthy living environment, a home that is comfortable to live in being cool in the summer and warm in the winter, savings on energy bills, rapid build times that reduce your building costs and long life span. A log home is also a safe and strong house for any weather condition, low maintenance costs, a beautiful home that you can be proud of. Building a log home is one of the greatest adventures you will be a part of, and one you are sure to love more and more as time goes by.

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