Is This the Place Where Gnomes and Hobbits Live?

Is This the Place Where Gnomes and Hobbits Live?

This "Awesome Stone Cottage" is the type of house that people dream of living in. There is something romantic about a tiny stone cottage out in the forest, especially this one in particular with it's beautiful treed surroundings and rustic wooden fence.

This stone house is amazing, most likely built with the stones that were found on the property. The packed roof, and wood framed windows add to its charm. This lovely tiny cottage has two stone chimneys, it would be nice to see inside the tiny cottage. This site started in 2012 has a variety of different local/travel homes and stories from all over the world. On this site you will find all sorts of log houses, stones house, cob cottages, hotels and resorts, timber frame houses, gingerbread cottages, stone fireplaces, log cabins, mountainside homes, chalets, treehouses, pod homes, solar power, treetop walkways, riverside homes, mountains, oceans, gypsy caravans, tiny houses, tiny houses on wheels, VW camper vans, and more.

In places where there is lots of stone, many houses are built with them. In many parts around the world, little cottages are built of stone. There are also many mansions and palaces built of stone. You will find some of the oldest houses in the world are made of stone. They are circular houses with walls of flat stone slabs laid carefully on each other. The walls sloped gently inwards to meet in a stone roof. Other prehistoric stone houses had roofs of thatch that in parts of the world where there is stone that can be broken into flat slabs, then walls can be built up without any mortar to join the stones together. Often the wind blows through the gaps, so the walls need timber or render on the inside, to keep out the weather. Stone houses of this type often have roofs made of flat stones as well. Stone roofs are very heavy and are laid on very thick beams. These are broken stones that are brought from nearby hills, or stones picked up from the farmer's fields, or gathered from a river bed. The walls are built up with stones and mortar. In some places where flint is used, the hard stones are split so that when they are placed on the outside of the wall, they show a shiny flat surface which is more attractive than the dull lumpy outside of a flintstone.

A log house (or log home) is structurally identical to a log cabin (a house typically made from logs that have not been milled into conventional lumber). The term log cabin is not preferred by most contemporary builders, as it generally refers to a smaller, more rustic log house such as a hunting cabin in the woods, or a summer cottage. Log construction was the most common building technique in large regions of Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Baltic states and Russia, where straight and tall coniferous trees, such as pine and spruce, were readily available.

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