Is This the Ideal American Family Log Home? (Click to View Floor Plans.)

Is This the Ideal American Family Log Home? (Click to View Floor Plans.)

The Muirfield I log home plan is a stunning example of log home living at its best. Imagine living in this log home with a large great room with cathedral ceilings and a traditional stone fireplace that gives a great sense of open space to include both the dining room and kitchen areas. The second floor of this beautiful log home features a loft that has a sitting room, and a full-sized bathroom. This log home plan also has a two car garage, so you have enough space for storage, and always have a warm vehicle to get into. The upstairs dormers make the loft space feel larger and add to the appeal of this log home build. You will want to take a look at the detailed log home plan to see the layout of this great log home plan. This log home plan has three bedrooms, and two bathrooms that are a nice size for full-time living with a family, or for a comfortable vacation home to get away throughout the year. This log home is 1,777 square feet on two levels.

On the My Woodhome site, you will find a wide variety of log home and log cabin floor plans from barn and garage floor plans, log cabin floor plans, and hybrid log home floor plans. You will also find log house floor plans, log home floor plans, log ranch floor plans, modern log home floor plans and traditional log home floor plans.

You can use these log cabin floor plans for a wide variety of uses from the garden, as log guest cabins, as artist studios, log workshops, backyard office, or backyard places to eat or summer party. Imagine building one of these log cabins, many with covered front patios in a location that you have purchased just for your dream log site. Log cabins, log homes and log chalets have been around for centuries, and are some of the first homes that were built in this country. The materials for log homes and log cabins are typically found in the location or area that they are built. With logs and stone from the locations they are built, log homes and log cabins with stone fireplaces have long been a strong and comfortable type of home build.

Have you ever stayed in a log cabin or log home? Log homes and log cabins are a good choice of home build, socially, environmentally and economically. Building a home out of natural material, with a material that is renewable is a great way to help the environment, provided the logs for the log home build are harvested from a forest that is sustainably managed. There is nothing better than wood when it comes to what you use to build your home. Wood is healthier to live in, good to breathe in, and a material that is non-toxic. Logs are also known to have thermal mass, which means they are a good insulator, which keeps heat inside in the colder months, and keep the home cooler in the warmer months.

There is nothing quite like a log cabin or log home built with natural material; it makes you feel at home. Log cabins and log homes have long been enjoyed by family's and friends around the world, both as homes and places to vacation and enjoy nature, and these great homes will continue to be used, designed and built to meet the needs and lifestyles of people from around the world. Once you select the log home floor plan that you are going to build, you are one step closer to log home living. Building and decorating your log home will bring to life your log home or log cabin dreams.

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