Installing a Homestead Solar Electric System

Installing a Homestead Solar Electric System

Homesteading is an old way of life, become popular again. We will be honest with you today that it isn't for the faint of hearts. You must learn how you can survive living without having to rely so much on as much modern technology.

If you used to live in the city, and you have decided to make this big change, expect an adjustment time, especially if you go to a place where there is no electricity. A solution is to install a homestead solar electric system. Installing it will take some of work, but here are some guides that will help you ease that burden.

Paying for the solar panels will be expensive at first, but just think about it as an investment for your new found lifestyle as you no longer are burdened with monthly electric bills. The family in this house also has coal-fire electricity, so they have an alternative backup as well.

They used the recommendations from Backwoods Solar, which is a small company from Idaho and purchased their system there. The company helped them to tailor-fit their solar system to suit their needs. There is more than the panels on the roof; you also need to do wiring anyplace you want the electricity to run to.

There is much to learn on how to install these systems and anything to do with electricity is pretty technical and must be done safely. In the featured article from Homestead Honey are many details about positive and negative and ground wires, modules, breaker boxes, mounting, batteries, what type of wiring they used and just so much more.

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