Innovative Chinese Company Assembles 3D-Printed Modular Home in Just Three Hours

Innovative Chinese Company Assembles 3D-Printed Modular Home in Just Three Hours

Can you imagine building your new home in less than a day? Innovative Chinese company, the Zhuoda Group, did just this they assembled a 3D-Printed modular home in just three hours while people watched!

Its really hard to believe, but its true. Recently the Zhuoda Group demonstrated their new building practices before a group of reporters and awe-struck passers-by. The builders used a crane to pile six units atop one another as they rapidly constructed a two-story home that was already equipped with plumbing, electricity, and furniture! Once the house was complete, people were invited inside to check out the living room, kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms, and utility room. Normally, it would take at least six months to build a house like this, but ninety per cent of it was pre-manufactured off site in a process that took only ten days. Once all of the various units were made, then the final assembly only took three hours. This process not only saves time, but it saves money too! This house took less than $564/square meter to build. Its said to be very sturdy and durable, able to withstand earthquakes and all kinds of extreme weather. Zhuoda Group claims it can last for up to 150 years.

Wow, just think of all the wonderful benefits 3D printing can have in the coming years. This is only the beginning. As this technology improves, manufacturing will become more and more refined and we will be able to create more elaborate structures in even less time. Lets hope we use this new tool as responsibly as we can, always considering the environment and the generations to come. Lets make the world a better place where everyone can enjoy a safe and comfortable home in harmony with nature.

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