Incredible 500-square-foot Small House on a Cliff with Waterview

Incredible 500-square-foot Small House on a Cliff with Waterview

Now here is an article that proves you can build the life of your dreams and not have to compromise your life in return for it. Live in a house on the beach and not have to pay a fortune for it, you can seriously have it all! As it shows, a picturesque image of a modern looking house atop a cliff, ocean just below, surrounded by the natural elements you will start envisioning your own plan of how to get there yourself.

The house was beautifully built and designed by Alvaro Ramirez and Clarissa Elton in Chile for the mere cost of $15,000 USD. A pretty significantly lower price range for a home if you consider how much the typical house in the United States costs. Especially one footsteps from the ocean and with views like this!

The 500 square foot small home boasts and open concept complete with floor to ceiling windows with amazing views of the ocean. Imagine waking up to the sunrise over the sea and watching the sunset all from your own home. The layout is quite unique as well, with the living space - the kitchen and living room that would be used throughout the day and to entertain, is on one side of the patio, and the bedroom is on the other side. You can see from the floor plans offered in the article, that the space doesn't seem that large, but when you see the photos of it, you will see they utilize that space so well. Everything has its place and space and surly more than enough storage space. It just goes to show, you don't need to spend a ton of money to get your dream home. Using that time and energy toward more fulfilling endeavours.

Head on over to the website 'Tiny House Talk' and start envisioning your small house dream home!

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