Important Notice for Would-Be Log House Owners: Don't Start Planning before You Read This

Important Notice for Would-Be Log House Owners: Don't Start Planning before You Read This

Real Log Cabins: The Perfect Getaway on the Real Log Style site are designed for one kitchen, one bathroom and a dining/living area and, at least, one bedroom. This seems to be a good starting point, starting at approximately 432 square feet. From there you can add a full-width front porch, another bedroom, or a 200 square foot loft. When it comes to designing and modifying a log home floor plan, you will want to consider things like your log home budget, lifestyle needs and the things you like to do.

On the Real Log Homes site, they design and make log homes for full time living, with standard log home floor plans like the Rockville log home floor plan that starts at 1,152 square feet. For a larger log home floor plan, you might look at the Stonington log home floor plan, with 3,448 square feet of space. You can start with these log home floor plans and then modify and tailor them to your personal preferences. If you are looking for a smaller log cabin or log home to serve as anything from a hunting lodge to a ski retreat, then you might want to look at one of the Real Log Home Cabins. They have six floor plans that convey all the benefits of a Real Log Home in a smaller and less expensive log cabin package.

For a log cabin floor plan you might look at something like the Liberty, with 432 square feet, or something a bit more spacious like the Cavendish with 1,136 square feet of space. If you want something with even a bit more space, you can look at the Trailblazer log cabin with a full-width front porch. This log cabin has only 480 square feet, but it has two bedrooms and a nice sized open living room and dining area. And if you like this space but want to add a bit more space you can modify it with an optional 200 square foot loft. Then there is the Champlain log cabin with 1,092 square feet of space; this log cabin design also has a full-width porch but a little more space. The Champlain log cabin floor plan has a 410 square foot loft, perfect for when you want to get away and have enough room to be comfortable.

On the Real Log Style site, you will find all sorts of log home plans, log home design and decor and log home style. You will find log home building tips, log home design tips, log cabin photos, log home construction, log home design trends and more. You will also find log home entertaining, log home fireplaces, log home floor plans, log home maintenance, log home photos, log home shows, unique log home projects and more. When it comes to log home living there are so many unique ideas out there, this website is a good place to start, and see the sorts of log home designs and things that you like. When you determine what sort of log home floor plan and log home design you like, you can then begin the process of creating your log home to fit your budget and needs.

Designing and building a log home or log cabin is one of the most fulfilling and exciting journeys you will take, so it's important to do your log home research. That way you can avoid any unexpected surprises in the log home building process, you want to make sure that your builder and you are on the same page, and share in your log home vision. You will also enjoy the chance to take virtual tours of some of the Real Log Homes on the site; this is a great chance to see the sorts of log homes and log cabins that are out there.

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