Immaculate Log Cabin Costs Only $18,000

Immaculate Log Cabin Costs Only $18,000

The tiny house blog is well known in the online community for people interested in... you guessed it - tiny homes. This immaculate log cabin costs only $18, 000 so it's a great investment for anyone who wants to find something a little more affordable, and still really nice. This home is owned by a man named Jon who lives in Wisconsin, and it was built by an Amish community so it's clearly a well made structure. The size is 12 x 20 and the set price is without the additional plumbing, electrical, and furnishings that Jon added after the building was complete. The porch outside adds 8' to the total property which makes it more than enough room to relax and enjoy the country side. The cabin was pre-built and then delivered to the final site where the porch was later added, along with the other services including the phone connection.

There's an awesome loft that takes up about a third of the total space but it has a great view and really adds a nice dimension to the whole structure. Jon dreamt about making this cabin for a long time, and it's now a dream come true, situated on a lake where he grew up. If you're someone who has been dreaming about your very own little log cabin nestled in the woods, then you should consider being inspired by this awesome story. For only $18, 000 it's not a crazy idea. It's much cheaper than any home you could build or buy in the city, and you just can't beat being in a beautiful location that recharges your spirit.

Go and check out the "Tiny House Blog" for yourself by clicking on the link below, and start planning your very own immaculate log cabin today.

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