Imagine Owning a Simplistically Beautiful Log Home for Just $23,800

Imagine Owning a Simplistically Beautiful Log Home for Just $23,800

Have a closer look at this wonderful Timbertrail log home package from Coventry Log Homes. The Timbertrail is a beautiful log cabin kit that can be built by the customers or by hired contractors. A smaller log cabin kit is able to be built fairly easily by anyone. All of the pieces of a log home are carefully manufactured and assembled in the Coventry Log Homes warehouse before they get packaged up and sent to the building site. This ensures that all of the pieces will strategically fit together, kind of like a large log puzzle so that assembly on the building site will flow along very smoothly with little to no complications. That is the beauty of purchasing a log home cabin kit from a supplier like Coventry Log Homes; the client gets all of the step by step instructions on how to build their new log home.

The Timbertrail log home is a very modest log house, with a simplistic beauty. This log home is part of Coventry Log Homes line of recreation log home kits that people use for vacation cabins and such. But, if someone wanted to use this smaller log cabin kit for a smaller home, that would work too. The local building codes would just have to be checked before making any decisions since the size of a building that constitutes a full-time occupancy varies from state to state and in different countries. The timber trail is perfect for that log cabin in the woods. With one private bedroom, and a loft that could be used for sleeping or storage, and one bathroom, space for a small kitchen area and living room area, all of the necessities have been covered. The cabin design and log cabin kit comes with plenty of windows so that the natural light can flow into the space, and ventilate it. With a log cabin, since the thermal mass construction is so high, there will be a lot of moisture building up inside the unit that could create mould if the space is not ventilated properly. But with all of the windows, this would be no problem.

Included in the log cabin kit is the floor system, which basically makes up the floor portion of the log cabin. Floor joists, subfloor and tongue and groove pine flooring which are super easy to install. Also included in the log home building kit is the wall building system, which has the D shaped pre-cut logs, the caulking and spray foam for filling in the spaces in between logs and the corner spaces. This is to ensure a tight seal that there can be no air escaping and no cold air seeping in. The kit also includes the loft system, the interior wall system, the interior and exterior doors as well as the roof system. The roof of the log home would be a green metal roof, which is pretty standard for log home kits. It also includes the ceiling boards, the roof membrane and insulation, and the strapping. The 6 foot by 8-foot complete package comes for $26,900 while the 4 foot by 8-foot package comes for $23,800. Clients also have the option of purchasing just the logs for the home, which would only cost around $15, 000.

This charming and simple log home would last a lifetime and even longer if taken care of well and would be a wonderful home away from home. Recreational log cabins provided the perfect place to be able to get away from the hectic buzz of everyday life and return to enjoying a simpler way of life. Check out this Timbertrail log home kit and many others!

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