If You're in Search of Housing That Is Both Timeless and Sustainable, These Log Homes Are Definitely worth Seeing

If You're in Search of Housing That Is Both Timeless and Sustainable, These Log Homes Are Definitely worth Seeing

Although Natives of the Americas used log frames for their large plank houses long before the arrival of any European settlers, log homes are often associated with pioneer settlement, both in the United States and Canada where plentiful forests provided ready building material. As more people settled and built homes, log homes grew in variety of size and complexity. While most log homes have been replaced by houses constructed from other materials, log homes are still very popular in todays housing market. Pioneer Log Homes of BC is one company keeping the beautiful tradition of stunning log homes and log cabins very much alive. The Pioneer Log Cabin is a wonderful example of a modern log cabin or log home.

Pioneer Log Homes of BC provide hand-crafted custom log homes, ensuring your dream home is a reality that will withstand the test of time. While aesthetically pleasing in all respects, Pioneer Log Homes not only builds attractive homes, they also build the most structurally sound log homes that are assembled by a professional team in a timely, cost effective manner that is in balance with nature. Even critics have recognized Pioneer Log Homes luxury western red cedar log homes and log cabins as some of the most high-quality hand-crafted and state-of-the-art log buildings in the world.

Cedar is a wood that comes from several different trees grown in different parts of the world that have many different uses. The western red cedar, utilized by Pioneer Log Homes, is a soft red-brown, aromatic and decay-resistant wood often used for outdoor construction, exterior shingles and guitar-making. The western red cedar is native to western North America and just happens to be the provincial tree of British Columbia, the home base for Pioneer Log Homes. The tree itself often ranges up to 230 feet tall and can measure about 13 feet in trunk diameter. It is also a long-living tree and can live well over a thousand years, with the oldest verified western red cedar aged at 1460 years. This timber has a tight, straight grain with few knots, making it exceptionally strong and durable. It is typically valued for its distinct appearance and aroma, as well as its high natural resistance to decay, which is why Pioneer Log Homes have utilized it exclusively in their log home projects.

This Pioneer Log Cabin looks more like a cozy and comfortable log home that should be enjoyed and lived-in year-round. From the moment you approach the Pioneer Log Cabin, you will immediately notice the skilled craftsmanship that has gone into every log and every detail. The grand entryway with arch-like logs make this home fit for a king and provide quite the welcome. The warm red cedar gives this Pioneer Log Cabin a very inviting appearance. Although this log cabin/log home first appears rustic and almost rough, with large protruding logs, the devil is in the detail and this is one extremely elegant log home masterfully designed and crafted.

So, if you have always dreamt of owning a bespoke log home or log cabin, Pioneer Log Homes of BC might just be the company to turn to, where they pride themselves in teamwork and service that makes all the difference. Every single log home is assembled by a Pioneer Log Home team with decades of experience, who painstakingly handcraft every detail to the buyers specifications. These are log homes well worth building, by a company of professionals.

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