If You're Ever in Hungary, Feel Free to Come By

If You're Ever in Hungary, Feel Free to Come By

Ok, have you ever seen a cuter little house then Jozsi's Cottage in your entire life? This cabin looks seriously so charming and magical. This is a great example of a very well thought out, personalized small home. People all across the nation are jumping aboard the tiny house movement and they are choosing to ditch their oversized homes and trade them in for a more artistic, and expressive style of home that is smaller in size as well. No, people haven't gone crazy, its mostly that people's priorities are changing and with that comes other lifestyle changes, including the type and style of house we choose to live in. Most homes are much larger then what the inhabitants really need anyway and we could all afford to get rid of some of our stuff too. And now you can also test out tiny house living before you make the leap, in a wonderful home like this one!

This little cottage is so sweet, and it has a lot of great design packed into it. With a combination of wood and adobe, which is a home building material made from the earth's clay and other natural materials, this home incorporates the best of many different aspects of architecture and design. Design from both old, and more traditional style, and new, modern style. The little abode looks like a traditional style American or European home, but there is so much more to it then just that. The whole property is filled with so much whimsy and creative, natural design. There are vines that crawl all over a trellis at the front of the house, as well as a lovely hammock to relax in. What a beautiful and peaceful home...

Jozsi's Cottage was named after, Jzsi Bcsi who built it. What a fabulous work of art! The cabin is for rent in Fejr County, Hungary and is owned by Catherine Dickens Gore. This cabin would be the perfect place for a couple to vacation to Hungary in. The amazing views from the cabin are enough to make the most romantic vacation ever. But the cabin itself has so much to offer. An inviting hedge lined path leads up to the home, and you are welcomed into the space and greeted by a charming little foyer and then a bright and open living room or sitting room. An adobe earth built wood fire place is the focal point of the room and was very beautifully hand crafted by the builder. This room has enough seating for four and a table to enjoy meals at, while a fire blazes in the background. The patio would make for a truly exceptional dining experience though, with views of the beautiful hills and the vineyards right on the property. How gorgeous!

Everything you need and more is at the lovely property, a bedroom, complete with a double sink vanity and a old style wash up bin with a shower curtain, it sounds really primitive, but once you see the photos, you will see how charming it actually is! The bedroom even has a balcony to sit out on to enjoy the fabulous landscape and scenery, maybe a romantic sunset or two. If you are wanting more than a stand up shower there is also a full bathroom, with a full-sized claw foot tub. The kitchen is fully outfitted with all of the amenities you will need to cook dinners in, after collecting some local produce. This looks like a truly remarkable place to stay, even if only for a couple of nights, it would definitely be a place that would create memories to last a lifetime.

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