If You're Daydreaming about a Cabin Retreat, This Is a Dream Come True (Click for Floor Plan)

If You're Daydreaming about a Cabin Retreat, This Is a Dream Come True (Click for Floor Plan)

Check out this awesome Fairfield Log Home Plan from Coventry Log homes that is featured on My Wood Homes website. This website is filled with amazing log home floor plans, log home builders, timber home builders and so much more. If you are contemplating building a log home of your very own, this website is the one for you to visit. It can be extremely daunting to try and find the perfect log home... There are an infinite amount of log home builders out there, all with different ways to build log homes and all with different models and floor plans. It is so important to know what you want when going into purchasing a log home package. If you already have the land you have to make sure that the home you want will work for the land you have, and things like the foundation and the levelling need to be considered.

Most people think that the price they see on a log home model package is all they will pay for it, but this can be deceiving. It is so important to read through the descriptions carefully or talk to a customer service representative that works at the company you wish to purchase a log home from. In fact, talk to a few different companies and see what they have to offer. Sometimes the initial costs are simply for the shell of the home which doesn't even cover the interior finishing costs, laying the foundation, landscaping, paving roads and all of the hook ups like electric and plumbing. The costs of constructing the log home is also a cost that people forget to factor in. Unless the home owner plans on building their log home on their own, professional contractors will need to be hired. It really helps to know these things ahead of time when you are planning a log home build.

This Fairfield Log Home Plan is a great example of a lovely log home that could be able to suit many needs. It would be a nice size for retired folks as well as a great starter home for a small growing family. In the 1296 square feet of space there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms in total. A sweet farmer's porch welcomes all guests to the lovely log home and makes for a great area to relax and de-stress outside, breathing in the fresh air and viewing the beauty of nature surrounding the log home. The layout provides great space for a family to enjoy living in. Two bedrooms on the upper level are great for a kids space with a bathroom to share. On the main floor the master bedroom has plenty of room as well as its own private bathroom. The kitchen and living room share an open concept layout which makes the space to livable and usable.

The Fairfield Log Home model is one of the many lovely plans from Coventry Log Homes that you will find through My Wood Homes. The wonderful log home packages they offer come in different series like like Cabin Series, the Tradesman Series and Timer frame log home series. Each of their log homes is built with the highest quality logs that are milled in their very own mill. All of their logs also make the most efficient log homes, their log homes are all Energy Star approved, meaning that they are very energy efficient. Logs are one of the best building materials for this reason, they retain a lot of heat, and contain it so that the log home can stay warm in the winter. So no matter how cold the winters are in your country, a log home will be able to shelter you from the coldest of days and nights. Check out more at My Wood Home!

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