If You're 100% Sure You Don't Want to Live in a Unique Log Home, This Isn't for You

If You're 100% Sure You Don't Want to Live in a Unique Log Home, This Isn't for You

This stunning Brassua Lake Handcrafted Log Home is a perfect example of a handcrafted, log built home. This 1700 square foot log home located in the northern forests on a lakeside in Maine is built tough for whatever kind of weather the northern climate brings. Built on a poured concrete basement, onto a hillside, this log cabin is high above the ground and offers beautiful views of the forest and the lake through the trees. The peaked roofs with the various dormers added, create a very modern and expansive looking home that would be the envy of the lakeside village.

Built completely by Grand View Timbers Log home building company, the Brassua Lake log home uses the finest eastern white pine round and full logs. The white pine is highly regarded for log home builds because of its softness and workability, but also, for its durability and strength. Grand View Timbers log builders are a one stop shop, providing all of the necessary services to build a log home from start to finish. This can be a relief for someone building a log home, so they don't have to search high and low to find a contractor for every different aspect of the building process. They handle everything from the permits and the design process to the construction and the fine details in finishing the log home so that it is ready for move in. You can browse other projects they have completed including the Brassua, as well as the Height of Land, Little Cobbossee Pond, Parker Pond Shores and Rangeley Overlook log homes, as well as their garages and sheds they have built. The company also does wood carvings, furniture, and staircases if you just need to put finishing touches on your home.

The beautiful Brassua is a sight to behold, with the many full round logs it took to build this home, all cut and milled to perfection before they were placed one by one by the log home craftsmen. This job is definitely a masterpiece, as are their other projects in their portfolio. They don't show interior photos of the log home, but it seems like it could have at least three or four good sized bedrooms and a large living room with a dining room and a kitchen. All of the windows they installed are wonderful especially all of the ones in what looks to be the living room area, and the double doors providing access to the large log-built deck are great as well. There is also a front entrance leading into the home as well, with a nice, large wooden door and timber beams framing the entranceway. This would be a fabulous full-time home for a family or an amazing log cabin for recreational use.

Log homes truly are a legacy, and there are many people who absolutely love them and honor the craftsmanship and all of the hard work and labor that goes into building a home like this one you see here. You can actually see the log home building project from the beginning to the end in the photos in their portfolio on their website. It's amazing to see the logs being placed and assembled to create the walls and the roof of the log home. They have to use a crane to place them where they need to go because of the incredible weight of the logs. You can see how each log has the perfect cuts in them so that they can interlock and fit altogether creating no space for cold air or water to enter in. Have a look at the Brassua Lake Log home and others!

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