If You Think This Log Home Looks Great Outside, You Should See the Inside!

If You Think This Log Home Looks Great Outside, You Should See the Inside!

You'll want to see this "Superb Log Home , Must See Inside", it's country living at its finest. Every detail in the log home is perfect, from the site it's built on to the country interior design and exterior, it's simply a beautiful log home.

This superb log home has log beams throughout, a grand stone fireplace in the great room, log railings, wood paneling ceiling, and covered front porch. Details like the country cabinet sink, and stone kitchen island set it apart from other log homes. This log home is comfortable, rustic and friendly, it's a log home that dreams are made of, perfect in every way.

This log home company was created from a shared passion for the natural character and beauty of wood found in log homes, and has grown through their commitment at providing quality products and services. This shared vision has led to a business environment founded upon honest, straightforward dealings with others. Their founders are seasoned log home professionals, working full-time in the day to day operations of the business since founding it in 2000. They believe that the most aesthetically pleasing logs are crafted by hand. Expedition Log Homes still handcrafts their logs with a drawknife. For added quality and stability they kiln dry their logs and include only top quality building components in their materials package. They take pride in their manufacturing and kiln drying facilities. Visitors often comment on the well organized, clean environment that their log crafters work in. More importantly, they are inspired by the individual attention that each log receives from the handcrafters working with it. Each Expedition manufacturing team member receives ongoing training and testing to become Certified Log Graders to assure quality and stability in every log component that goes into one of our homes. You know when you go with a log company like this you will be getting a quality product and a home you will always love.

A log cabin is a house built from logs. It is a fairly simple type of log house. The distinction between the traditional meanings of log cabin and log house is that historically most log cabins were a simple one or one a half story structure that was somewhat impermanent, and less finished or less architecturally sophisticated than a proper log house. A log cabin was usually constructed with round rather than hewn, or hand worked logs, and it was often the first generation home building erected quickly for frontier shelter, these log cabins could also easily be taken down and moved to another location if needed. Historically log cabin construction has its roots in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, although their origin is uncertain, the first log structures were probably built in Northern Europe in about 3500 BC, meaning that log home structures have been around for thousands of years.

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