If One Tiny Cabin Is Good, Maybe Two Cabins Is Even Better?

If One Tiny Cabin Is Good, Maybe Two Cabins Is Even Better?

You'll fall in love with this Madeline Island Retreat, a 1,000 square foot off-grid retreat tiny home that has a storage building that can increase the sleeping capacity to 12. The tiny cottage is located on Madeline Island, Wisconsin, and was designed by A&H Architecture. This tiny house retreat is like having two tiny houses on the site, in a spot that surrounded by forest views in every direction.

There are so many great details to appreciate, at this tiny cottage retreat. Both of the tiny houses have a style of their own. The sleeping tiny building has red metal siding and from the back looks a bit like a tiny barn, with lots of charm. The main tiny cottage itself is stunning. Outside the exterior is covered in cedar shake siding that compliments its waterside location. From the inside, you have views of forest and Lake Superior. A dining table that seats eight people, big comfy couches and lots of chair for seating. A stone fireplace anchors the space. With lots of built in shelves, wood, and white to make the open dining/kitchen/living area feel spacious. The white railing up above ties in with the use of lots of white below. Details like rocking chairs, quilts on all the beds, a built in window seat upstairs, with more built-in bookshelves add lots of characters. The wide plank wooden floors give some rustic charm, and lots of windows, let in the natural light. A beautiful island retreat that you wouldn't want to leave.

The Small House Swoon site does give us something to swoon about, especially if you like tiny house and small house designs. You'll find tiny house designs and tiny house plans like the Rio Grande tiny house, a floating home Muskoka boathouse, the Black Walnut Guesthouse and the Hood River Cabin. Other tiny house names that stand out include the Victorian Prepper tiny house, the Peaceful Log Cabin, the Beach Cottage and the Writer's Studio Barn to name a few. We especially love the tiny house names. Each tiny house more unique than the last, and lots of exterior and interior photos to accompany each design. There are floating homes, treehouses, cob cottages, tiny houses on wheels, prefab tiny houses and more. Who can resist? Especially with names like a Little Bit of Thoreau, Loose Reins Canvas Lodge, Holly Ridge Farmhouse, and Trout Fishing Cabin.

A tiny cottage is a great place to start if you like tiny house living ideas. Using a tiny house as a vacation home to spend quality time with family and friends, is a good way to own a place away from home. With a tiny cottage, you don't need a lot of space to enjoy some time away while being close to nature, as long as it has the things you need from places to sleep, eat and cook, and a place to sit down at the end of the day. Of course, it is up to you when you might be considering a tiny vacation home, and just because it is smaller in size doesn't mean you have to do away with style and design. This small cottage retreat is a great example of what you can accomplish with a tiny house space. You might start off with the same idea, a tiny house that has the kitchen and living space with a few spots for sleeping, and in the future add some more sleeping space in an additional tiny house. One of the most important things to consider in your vacation tiny cottage is the location where you will choose to build.

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