If Log Homes Were Actresses, This One Would Be Marilyn Monroe

If Log Homes Were Actresses, This One Would Be Marilyn Monroe

If you love log cabins and log homes, you will want to take a closer look at the Ryegate, MT (#5921)! This stunning log home floor plan shows how it's all in the details when it comes to making a log house your home. The stone fireplace and chimney alone make this log home one that you won't soon forget. It is also a good example of how the location of your log home is such an important factor. This log home is located in a grassy field with trees and big open skies. It gives you the feeling of space, where you can't help but want to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. The two story log home has a full sized kitchen with country stove, that would make cooking dinner a dream, and a wrap around outdoor patio perfect for star gazing and family barbecues.

Real Log Homes is one of the oldest names you will hear in the log home industry. They are dedicated to designing and building some of the most original log homes and log cabins in the world. Their log cabins are known to be durable, comfortable, and elegant. When you choose a log home made by Real Log Homes, you know that you are selecting a log home that comes from a manufacturing team that has over 50 years of log home craftsmanship and amazing personal service. The log home company's founder Jesse Ware handcrafted the first Real log home out of white pine trees in Hartland, Vermont, in 1963. The log home company has grown to become since the leading pre-cut log cabin manufacturer in North America.

Their log home manufacturing facility is located in Claremont, New Hampshire and they have a network of Independent Representatives worldwide who have sold more than 30,000 Real Log Homes brand log homes over the past 50 years. On their log home and log cabin site you will find a wide variety of log home designs, styles, plans and sizes to suit whatever your log cabin and log home needs might be. Making your log home dreams a reality is a journey that you won't forget, and one that should be done with a log home company that shares your unique vision.

Builders around the world, are realizing more and more that building with wood and logs is an excellent way to reduce our carbon footprint and make an environmentally friendly building decision. Real Log Homes know that log home building is a sustainable decision, and they like to stay knowledgeable about the various green building techniques. They also know how important it is that their suppliers share the same principles that they do. The components used in the Real Log Homes Packages meet various environmental standards that they are proud.

Wood is a natural, renewable and recyclable resource. It grows without having to use artificial energy, and even though it has to be harvested and transported, the overall use of wood as a non-renewable energy is less than that of concrete or steel. And best of all wood is a durable building material. Wood has provided protection from the elements and have lasted for centuries.

Real log homes use their cut offs from their manufacturing process and recycles them locally, and make them available at no cost to people who use them for fuel and a variety of crafts and other projects. The sawdust from the log home manufacturing process is provided free to local farmers. Along with metal strapping and other materials that are gathered and recycled. Their tools are cleaned with citrus-based cleaners that don't harm the environment.

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