If I Were a Kid, I Would Want to Grow up in a Log Home That Looks Exactly Like This

If I Were a Kid, I Would Want to Grow up in a Log Home That Looks Exactly Like This

This beautiful custom log home is located in Waterville, ME #10959, just two hours northwest of Portland. The city is home to one of the top private universities in the country, Colby College. This stunning log home is a reflection and nod to the Arts and Crafts period. The log home is a bungalow style; that combines the porch columns and visible rafters on the roof overhangs. On the Real Log Homes site, you will find plenty of ideas to help you when choosing a log home. Real Log Homes is a home design and building company that specializes in building log homes. Designing and building your dream log home is one of the most exciting projects you will take on. You will have many options when it comes to designing and building the perfect log cabin or log home. You might wonder how to choose, especially with so many options available. With different types of log profiles, from round log to square timber. Real Log Homes offers both round log and square timber log homes, and they offer an on-site supervisor for your log home build, this ensures the best quality log home build.

The Real Log Homes team has worked with over 30,000 customers, helping to help construct log homes and log cabins from the West Coast to New England, and all over North America. They have also helped construct log homes in Europe and Asia. They have creative and innovative log home designers and engineers. Real Log Homes have over fifty years experience. They have a wide variety of options and log home choices that include solid log walls in nine different profiles and sizes, structural and ornamental timber in almost every size and shape.Going with a log home builder that has so many years of experience is one of the best decisions you can make, it helps to ensure that your log home building experience is an enjoyable one, with a log home project that is free of unexpected drama or trouble. Real Log Homes can help eliminate any unexpected complications by asking the right questions, planning ahead, communicating properly, and guiding each log home project from start to finish.There have never been so many log home and log cabin options, plans, and designs available than there are today. Log homes and log cabins have always and will continue to be one of the most popular types of homes builds around. They keep raising the bar, year after year with the level of log home design and innovations to be found. You can have a log home design or log cabin design that is rustic, modern, contemporary, or a combination of them all.

Just as important as the log cabin or log home you build is the location where you will build. Will it be on a piece of raw land, or in a subdivision that is developed? There are pros and cons to each location. A piece of raw land, won't have utilities hooked, sewage or water hooked up to it, so you may have to spend more to make those sorts of thing happen. You will have more freedom to build the log home or log cabin the way you want. A piece of property that is in a developed subdivision means that you will most likely have utilities, sewer and water close. There will, however, be more rules on what you can and cannot do with your log home build; there will be more permits and regulations to follow. So you will have to weigh out what works best for you, and the log home that you are building.

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