If I Were a Child, I Would Want to Grow up in a House That Looks Exactly Like This

If I Were a Child, I Would Want to Grow up in a House That Looks Exactly Like This

You can truly understand why log cabins and homes are so popular for residential and recreational dwellings. Throughout time, Small Wooden Houses like the one in this photo on Pixbay, are exactly what people think of when they imagine a log home or cabin. The truth is, when it comes down to it, people have a lot of trust in log homes. This is because they have been around for so long and people have been building them for centuries. Logs are a superior building material and of such a high quality, making them perfect for building homes and cabins. Structures built with logs can stand over 100 years, as we have seen log cabins stand the test of time and also preserver through extreme weather conditions and many different elements. This is why, time and time again, people keep returning to choosing logs for building materials over anything else.

Perhaps, you could picture yourself living in this exact, beautiful log cabin. If you are wanting to move out of the city and start a more peaceful life, living in a nicely sized log home seems like the perfect choice to make. Log cabins a very sustainable way to build houses, and they have a lot of far reaching benefits over more modernly built, dry wall homes. The wood comes from nature, and has so many benefits and qualities alone. For example, the logs used to build homes naturally have insulation qualities that give them the the ability to be the walls, without the need to add in manufactured insulation. The thermal mass of logs is very high, and they keep in a lot of heat or keep in cooler air if it is hotter outside. They are very water resistant as well, the logs have a water resistant barrier that is just naturally a part of them, making them the perfect building material for homes in a more tepid climate.

This house is a beautiful example of how special log and wooden homes can truly be. This one looks like it is straight out of a dream like scene or a movie, it just looks so serene and picture perfect. The home is a very traditional style, and looks beautiful in all of it's simplicity. This home doesn't seem too large, but it is also not tiny, and seems to appear that there is a second level to the house, or maybe a loft where someone would be able to sleep, or a place for extra storage. I love the simplicity of this cabin, it feels so welcoming and warm. The front patio is splendid, with plenty of space to sit on the comfortable padded chairs and enjoy the relaxing sights and sounds of nature. The land that the house is set on, is absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. With many trees and a mountain in the background... it is like paradise. The double doors leading into the home most likely lead into the living room, where I can imagine a crackling fire place and the scent of the burning wood inside.

What a great little house for a recreational property, as a retreat to get away from it all and get back to nature and enjoy some quiet time to contemplate and enjoy the simple things in life. The birds chirping, the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind... all of these things of the finer senses. Many cabins are people's sanctuaries, a place in paradise where they can just be themselves and enjoy some quality time to self and with friends or family. Could you picture yourself here? Would you love to live in a home like this one?

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