"I Was Quite Surprised How Much Fun I Had Staying in a Remote Log Cabin."

"I Was Quite Surprised How Much Fun I Had Staying in a Remote Log Cabin."

Everyone should have a wooden hut in nature escape the everyday stress. Owning a log cabin or log home that is surrounded by nature is the best way to relax, do some outdoor activities and to take a breather. There is something about getting away, where the pace is a lot slower, there is not as much traffic, technology or even people. It is important for everyone to do this occasionally, both young and old alike. Most of us live very busy lives. We have careers, financial obligations, children, homes and things to do. Sometimes we are so busy with everything we forget to slow down and take some time for ourselves. If we don't take some time out, we can't work as efficiently as we should. It is especially good for children to spend time in a log cabin or log home, away from all the activities, technology and fast-paced lifestyle many also lead right beside their busy parents. Today more than ever children are playing more on computers, electronic games and electronic devices, and it is important for them to get a break from these things. Staying in a log cabin in nature is an excellent way to do this. A log cabin in nature makes the kids want to play outside (sometimes it takes a little nudging), and they start to see things a little differently, they start to notice all the magic that is outdoors, and they reconnect to the things that count.

You will want to take a look at some of the log cabins and log homes in the article, some are modern, others are rustic, but they all share a common theme, they are tucked away somewhere in the woods. All of these log cabins, log huts and log homes are beautiful, each with a look and feel all their own. One log cabin designer is Scott Newkirk, who is a stylist and interior designer, who lives in New York. His wooden log houses are the best and purest ideas for people who love nature. Each log cabin made of wood is fully refurbished and has a Flagstone terrace along with a balcony where you can enjoy some fresh air. There are multiple windows, along with a spacious living room without certain limit between inside and outside. There is plenty of natural sunlight, fresh air and the sounds of the nature. You don't need a jacuzzi when you have a running stream behind your log house.

Then you have an 828 square foot log cabin that looks much larger than it is. The reason is due to its amazing modern design by Arkin Tilt Architects. There is a large solar panel that provides lots of power to this log cabin. When the family needs the power they use it, otherwise it saves. The interior of the log cabin uses many of the classic elements of a wooden house. You see wood everywhere, but there are also modern items, including lots of glass that allows for plenty of natural light. The natural light penetrates directly into the interior of the log house, making the atmosphere looks bright and cozy. Another of the log cabins is one by Andersson Wise Architects. Located on Flathead Lake in Montana, United States. The log house is built on a steep rock in the middle of a grove of ancient pine trees, it has a tree house like the atmosphere and has a view of several windows. This log cabin is a great example of how you can find a comfortable place on an unexpected location, with very little impact on the surrounding land and the local wildlife that inhabit the area.

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