I Just Love Some Log Cabins

I Just Love Some Log Cabins

I Just Love Some Log Cabins, the way they are nestled into the forest as though at some point they were just born right from the forest floor. They look so magical, so calming as if the land was never disrupted but instead the cabin happened organically to fulfill a dream. After the cabin came to life the foliage around continued to grow and the planter boxes on the front porch were seeded with geraniums as the wind blew. So much to be thankful for and sitting on the front porch of this cabin you will be reminded of so many of those blessings.

So you've decided to take the plunge, you know you love some log cabins but what features do you love, what items could you do without. It seems obvious to say, but serious considerations should be made regarding space management. While in the design stages do everything you can to facilitate conversations and gain insight into things that work and things that don't. There are many blogs online which will give helpful advice on not only living in a tiny house but ensuring your designing it appropriately. Living the tiny life is a huge change and it doesn't come without it's ups and downs. Let others influence your decisions by sharing their experiences.

As you embark on your adventure to embrace the tiny life, I'd like to make a few suggestions. First off, whether you live in a massive mansion or a teeny tiny house, your home should be a reflection of you. A tiny home is still a home and so you should decorate it as such. So take a moment to reflect upon your style and then let that be the basis for your new home. Around that style and those preference you can build a home that encompasses some tiny living features, but it all begins with being true to your style. Next, implement as many windows as possible, not only for natural light but also air movement. The addition of many windows can be a real sanity saver at certain times of the year. Thirdly, put your de-cluttering ambitions aside and create storage space in your new tiny house. No matter how good the intentions of downsizing you will need storage and a lack of storage can cause stress. Do it right the first time and you wont regret it. You'll never hear anyone complain they have too much storage, but if there isn't enough you'll here it at every family dinner, when you take Aunt Martha out to the pub, even walking through the grocery store.

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