I Can't Decide What's Prettier—the Exterior of This Log Home, or Its Interior

I Can't Decide What's Prettier—the Exterior of This Log Home, or Its Interior

There’s nothing more romantic than living in your very own log cabin home. If you’ve been spending a lot of time checking out log cabin photos, floor plans, and videos, and if you dream of building one someday, then you’re really going to value this Sweetwater Virtual Tour by eLogHomes.com. Yep, you heard it right - this particular log cabin home is called the “Sweetwater” and for good reason! It is truly sweet, and, if you like, you can even build it by the water. Just imagine owning your own log cabin beach home!

At 2,891 square feet, the open-concept Sweetwater log home has a total of four bedrooms as well as three bathrooms. It also has a wraparound deck that gives it a whole lot of extra space, just in case you want to spend some time outdoors. Imagine sitting out here in the early mornings, watching the sun come up – or sitting here in the evenings, watching the sun go down. Imagine sitting here all day long! This deck is covered, so you can always find the perfect shade if you need it. If it’s raining, you’ve got all the shelter you could ever ask for. Let’s take that virtual tour inside now, okay? When you climb those beautiful front steps and walk inside the glass doors, you’ll find yourself in a world of wonder. The first thing you’ll notice is all of the space in here, the second thing you’ll notice is the majestic stone fireplace at the far end of the cabin, and the third thing you’ll notice is the cathedral ceilings overhead. If you give them half a chance, they’ll take all of your dreams and visions to unprecedented heights!

Next, you’ll notice all of the wonderful windows letting in loads and loads of light, and then you’ll marvel over the gorgeously-polished hardwood floors. It looks like a dance hall in here, it’s so open and shiny and so fresh and new! You will immediately start envisioning all of the different ways you could decorate this incredibly stunning space – or perhaps you will prefer to just leave it because it’s perfect as it is.

The gigantic kitchen and dining room area are both open to the Great Room, and that’s a good thing – the more you can see of that Great Room - for it is truly GREAT - the better. You’re really going to want to spend a lot of time in this kitchen, though! With all of this space, you can even afford to have two or three cooks in here – and we promise, you won’t be bumping into each other either. Just off the kitchen and dining areas, there’s a bathroom as well, so you can wash up before getting down to the serious business of cooking and eating! Another really sweet feature of the Sweetwater log cabin home is the hand-carved animals that appear here and there, and all over the place. If you look really closely, you’ll find a fox, an owl, and even a few bears. You can bet there’s no other log cabin in the world just like this one – it’s truly an original!

If you keep exploring the first floor, you will soon find a Master Bedroom, full Master Bathroom, and a walk-in closet. This log cabin home’s so big, you could get lost down here – and we haven’t even ventured up those two flights of beautiful stairs yet! On the second floor, you’ll discover two more bedrooms and a full bathroom as well. There’s also a beautiful loft area with a railing on the edge so you can look down on the Great Room.

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