Husband Surprises Wife with Tiny Writers Cabin Retreat

Husband Surprises Wife with Tiny Writers Cabin Retreat

There are many reasons people build tiny houses, some opt to downsize from their traditional large homes, while others use the tiny homes for guest houses, or a tiny space to get away for the weekend. This article "Husband Surprises Wife with Tiny Writer's Cabin Retreat," is just another example of what you can use a tiny house for.

This adorable tiny house writers cabin retreat, was a project for the builders wife, a quiet place away from her house so that she could do her writing. The tiny house cabin was built for almost free, with just a little money spent on paint, caulk and screws. He noticed an old farm outbuilding on a neighbors property and after inquiring about it found out he could have it for free, so he rented a trailer and dragged the entire building to its new location on his property. The tiny house was pressure washed, 22 tubes of caulk were used, it was painted, and built a deck out of lumber from the family barn, and his wife now has her dream space.

For now electricity is supplied to the tiny house, via a 400 foot long extension cord from the main house. The tiny house is located on a remote spot of the couples three acre property, so it is private and out of site from the main house, so the wife had no idea this tiny house was being worked on, and had been away at the time, so it was a complete surprise when she returned. You'll want to look at the photos, to see her wonderful tiny house surprise. This site is an excellent resource for lots of tiny house designs, styles and tiny house plans for inspiration and ideas.

To read more about this subject, visit the website link below to the "Tiny House Talk," website.

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