Hunter Deluxe & Pioneer Deluxe Log Cabins starting at $16,184

Hunter Deluxe & Pioneer Deluxe Log Cabins starting at $16,184

'Wayside Lawn Structures' is a leading supplier of outdoor play sets, storage buildings, gazebos, log cabins and more. Available at fantastic prices, check out their Hunter Deluxe & Pioneer Deluxe Log Cabins starting at $16,184. Located in the tri-state area of Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, all their products are made in the USA. The employees of 'Wayside Lawn Structures' will patiently and informatively answer all your question and concerns. With efficient service that surpasses expectations, your log cabin will made of the highest quality. Starting as small as 12 X 16 and as big as 16 X 36 you will find their cabins the perfect guest house, vacation home or year round residence.

Front porch flower pots burst with blossoms and fill the air with their delicious scent. The porch swing sways gently in the light breeze. Inside the great room glows with the sunlight bouncing off the honey colored tongue and groove walls and ceiling. Up in the loft the children wrestle and play. You are curled up in your favorite chair, enjoying a cup of delicious tea, listening to the bird songs drifting through the open windows. It is another lovely, peaceful afternoon in your Hunter Deluxe log cabin built by the good people at 'Wayside Lawn Structures'.

You can order a basic cabin, or you can include any of their numerous options. You can add the electrical package, insulated roof and floors, replace the ladder to the loft with a log stairwell with railing, add a porch bump out and dormers to the loft area. Dormers are windows with their own roof and have been part of American architecture since the late 1600's. The Mangard style of house was known for it's four sided double pitched roofs. The deep roof lines embraced tall attic spaces that were perfect for additional living and sleeping spaces, except for one thing. They lacked ventilation and light, making the space inhabitable. French architect, Francois Mansart (1598-1666) solved that problem by inserting a series of windows into the slopping roofs, transforming an unlivable space into one that is now habitable. These are now commonly known as dormers. "Dormer" comes from the french word dormir, which means to sleep.

You can check out photos of the Hunter Deluxe and Pioneer Deluxe Log Cabins with and without dormers by visiting 'Wayside Lawn Structures' or by following the link below.

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