How to Merge Simplicity and Chic in a Comfy Log Home (Click for Floor Plan)

How to Merge Simplicity and Chic in a Comfy Log Home (Click for Floor Plan)

The Rangely log home plan is a simple log home floor plan with 1,326 square feet of living space on two floors, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. This log home floor plan works for a small family, or as a vacation log home perfect for weekends and summer away. On the main floor of this log home floor plan, you will find the open kitchen/living room/dining room space, along with two bedrooms. Upstairs you will find a bedroom, bathroom, and space that opens up to below.

The My Woodhome is a good place to look if log home living is something you are thinking about or something you are interested in. Some of the log home topics covered on the site include log home design, log home plans, log home budget, and log home floor plans. You will also be able to find log home furnishings, log home builds, maintaining a log home and log home companies and products.

On this log home and log cabin site, there is an interactive online log home quiz that help to get you started on your log home build because building the log home of your dreams is one of the most exciting and fulfilling journeys you will take. With that said it is also one of the most daunting tasks you will take on, so you want to make sure to do your log home research beforehand and know your stuff. This log home site can help you on your way, by steering you in the right direction, and offering any help or suggestions needed. When you start looking at log home and log cabin designs, you might hear about handcrafted log homes. This is one way to get a unique log home look and feel. This style of log home will guarantee that your log home is one-of-a-kind with this handcrafted technique as opposed to standard milled or manufactured log homes. This is a beautiful way to go when it comes to log home design; you will, however, pay more for this look and type of log home.

Handcrafted log homes feature logs that are left in their natural state. The logs havent been milled or cut to a uniform size and dimension. Only their outer bark is removed, so the knots, burls and other natural characteristics of the logs are accentuated to create a unique beauty. This unique style of home comes at a price. The idea of having a handcrafted log home might be appealing, but it may not be the best choice for you or your log home budget. For many people considering a handcrafted log home or log cabin, it boils down to an aesthetic preference. It comes down to the sort of look and feel you want. Larger timbers have a different look, as opposed to smaller logs. The same goes for handcrafted logs, they have a unique look and feel. While most people love handcrafted, they may be surprised when they find out the price. When designing your log home or log cabin, try to keep it simple, try to take into account function and design.

Log home design elements such as dormers and balconies can add character to a simple rectangular house, but theyll also add to the price tag of your log home design. Another area where some people try to save is the wood species used. Some logs are cheaper than others and may offer short-term financial gain, but you may pay for it in the long run. You want to choose a log species that is suited to your locations climate. If you are building in a climate that is very wet, you want to go with cedar as it is best. Again, a little bit of research goes a long way to ensuring your log home will last.

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