How to Make Fire with Chocolate and Can

How to Make Fire with Chocolate and Can

Survival tips for camping! If you are anything like me, you love the outdoors and camping adventures.

Here is one of my favorite tips for "camping and survival 101". My favorite "camping hacks" are ones that are quick and easy and require some common sense. For example, this video about lighting a fire with a can (any can will do but for this video they used a coke can) and chocolate: Ok, let's get started. First, the can. The key to this experiment is actually the reflective bottom of the can which is ideal for concentrating the sun's light and energy. So now for the role of the chocolate. If you look at the bottom of the can you will see it has a slightly dull looking finish. Its current condition it is not shiny/reflective enough to concentrate the sun-rays to ignite the paper tinder.

As we mentioned above the bottom of the can is not a good concentrator of sunlight it is not shiny/reflective enough. It needs to be polished. SO WE POLISH IT WITH THE CHOCOLATE. Any type of chocolate will work for this, just break off some of the pieces of chocolate and use it to polish/shine up the can bottom!P.S. the purer the chocolate is, the better. You can tell when it's polished enough when it is a "mirror" finish. When an object is placed near the bottom of the can should produce a distorted yet clear image. The best thing is you can fold the chocolate wrappings/paper and use it to start the fire as "tinder'. Now for the fire part: Make sure you stand facing away from the sun and facing your shadow. Next hold the chocolate paper against the side of the can and move the can to focus the sun to find the brightest spot. After only a few seconds in the bright sun, the chocolate wrappings/paper should be smoking. Then transfer it to a small pile of flammable material (dried grass and twigs, shredded papers etc.) to catch the spark and blow it into flame. Ta-da you have your choclate can experiment completed.

Make sure you watch the Youtube video for complete instructions!

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