How to Live Off Grid Rent Free in Style!

How to Live Off Grid Rent Free in Style!

Good things DO come in small packages, and this tiny home proves it! Live Off the Grid Rent-Free in the Charming Wohnwagon Mobile Caravan! The charming caravan is called Wohnwagon, which translates as The Living Wagon, which is a very fitting name for this caravan to have. It has everything a person needs to live, and could suit one person or even a couple. Built in Germany, these caravans sell for around 40,000 to 90,000 Euros, and can come ready to use and live in. The wonderful thing is that you can take your home with you anywhere you want and live the life of a nomad, always on an adventure.

The Wohnwagon caravan is solar powered, with solar panels and the energy is stored in battery packs that are built into the caravan. So you could be anywhere you wanted to be with this and still have electricity, such a brilliant design! The curved angles of the front and back ends of the tiny house on wheels, allow for a nice organic design that gives a bit more room that straight edge angles would give. Once you see the photos of the inside, you won't believe what all fits in there!

There is a full bed, with even more pull out beds underneath, great storage, a little kitchen that would be very functional, with a hot plate, and a nice sized sink and ample counter space. The bathroom looks beautiful, with all of the gorgeous mosaic tile work in the shower area, and a little port hole to look outside while showering. There is lots of great light too, with all of the windows they have put in! All in all, this Wohnwagon is an excellent design for a tiny house on wheels! Would you live in one? Head over to 'Off Grid World' for more on this Living Wagon, by following the link in the section below!

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