How To Improve Your Climbing Finger Strength

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How To Improve Your Climbing Finger Strength

Rock climbing has quickly grown to a popular sport. It does not matter if you are a child or a senior, man or woman; anyone can rock climb. You see little rock climbing walls at Fairs that entice the children, and you see full rock faces on fabulous mountains that entice those highly skilled climbers. There are rock climbing indoor facilities and people that will teach you how to climb easy to difficult natural rock faces.

Rock climbing takes strength. You are pretty much holding your body weight up with your fingertips. Overall body core strength and agility are key ingredients for the advanced climber. Thank goodness for those safety ropes for the recreational climber.

Advanced climbers rely on their fingertips. The climbs have grade increases, and the hand holds generally get smaller.

Finger strength training should be ongoing for those that really want to rock climb as you are going to have a much better time of it when you are on the rock face. It is good for the new climbers to also do basic finger stretching exercised in preparation.

There is a little device called a Hangboard that is a training aid. These are sold at most climbing supply stores.

Although this is a device that you can work-out with, it is only one step to being a strong climber. True strength will come in climbing on a regular basis. It is not different than being fit for running, biking, skiing or any other sport. The more you are really out there doing the sport, the stronger you are going to become.

When you train with your hangboard you will have a few exercises to work with that are going to be training for your finger positions. There is the closed hand/jug, the full crimp, the half crimp and the open hand.

Finger positions will need to be held for 4-10 second in about 3 sets.

These exercised can also have intensities you you and increase and decrease with the explanations and options you can learn from the 'Climbing Things' website.

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