How to Construct Houses with Plastic Bottles

How to Construct Houses with Plastic Bottles

Have you ever thought that a waste bottles can be of use to construct a house? It is hard to think of a bottle to stand as a brick, but a mud-filled bottle is as strong as equivalent to a brick. Aside from that it has a lot of advantages too. What makes a bottle more stronger versus bricks and other construction materials? Bottles are low cost, bio-climatic, non-brittle, re-usable, absorbs abruptly shock loads, easy to build, less construction materials needed, and green construction.

Plastic bottles are popular materials to be recycled but it is almost unbelievable to know that they can make houses! That's right. Plastic bottles with sand can be your next dream home. These types of homes are especially built by non-government organizations from countries in Africa. They collect plastic bottles from trash and fill them with sand. Looking like 6000 brick's, volunteers are able to make a house out of plastic bottles filled with sand. These helped them make small houses which are used as classrooms for children.

According to one of the blog of Eco Nigeria which was written earlier this year, "In Nigeria millions of plastic bottles are dumped into waterways and landfill each year causing pollution, erosion, irrigation blockages, and health problems. Bottle houses take this dangerous waste out of the environment and make it useful. Used plastic bottles are then collected from homes, restaurants, hotels and embassies. Eco Nigeria added also that the bottle house will be "solar powered, with a fuel-efficient clean cook stove, urine filtration fertilization systems, and water purification tanks, thereby making it energy autonomous."

Isn't it impressive? Now that you already have an idea, it must be noted that all good constructions need a very solid foundation; without it buildings will easily collapse. Now, are you ready to build? Design yours now and be impressive!

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