How to Build Your Own Simple Log Cabin

How to Build Your Own Simple Log Cabin

A log cabin is one of the coolest things you will ever think of working on for a project. Building one is going to make you appreciate the many benefits it could offer you from owning a cabin that is very serene, while not having to worry about your budget for it. If you are curious to find out how you could start your own simple log cabin, read on because with the help of Earl Hardys tips here, you will be able to build your very own log cabin in no time.

Earl has been designing houses for years now and he has worked with almost 1,200 housing projects under his name and most of them happen to be log cabins. So when it comes to log homes, his expertise is definitely something you could trust. Take a look at some of his guidelines when it comes to the construction of your log cabin.

Begin with creating a floor plan and finding some good deals for the prices of logs and other construction materials from a good supplier. This will make you sure that you have the budget to spend for this project and other emergency funds that you will need to eventually shell out for those things that might come up. Once you have all the materials with you along with the foundation of the home, which is pre-installed; you can expect several weeks for this project to be finished, if it is the only thing you are focused on.

If you have some experiences in working with the foundations of the building and if you are used to preparing the mixes for the concrete and other things technical, then you are lucky because that means you wont need to hire a contractor for these things. But if you dont have any background on these kinds of works, then its only wise to ask help from contractors who will start building the foundation for you.

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