How to Build a Small Square Cabin Cheap!

How to Build a Small Square Cabin Cheap!

So many of us nowadays are no the hunt to build a log cabin of our very home. Whatever the vision of home looks like, you will need some special planning to make it a reality. the learn the process, tools and skills, you will need to do alot of reading and studying in order to make your dream a reality. Everyone has their own unique vision of what their home looks like and often it is difficult to even know where to begin. You have worked hard throughout your life and always told yourself that someday, you were going to own a log home. If this sounds true, than you are certainly not alone. You perhaps have read log magazines, attend the home show and seminars and now you may be somewhat, if not thoroughly confused. You can make this a lot simpler by choosing to build small and build square.

Building a new home is more than just selecting the design however, you will also want to learn more about the tools that are needed and a bit about the process before you start buying and cutting your logs. There are many ways to build a log home, and there will be people out there that tell you that this way or that way is better. The most important aspects in building is not to rush and to maintain a level of perfect precision each cut that you make.

In order to build a square log cabin, which is a tradition design that will give you a nice clean look. In the image below we see an cozy square log cabin with dovetail notches to make it all the more elegant. It is efficient and simple and there is a great little video to help you get started. In this example, there is not even scribing or notching, which some log builders would not agree with. The notches, instead, are cut with jigs and can be completed in a day if you know what you are doing.

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