How To Build A DIY Micro Camper for $800

How To Build A DIY Micro Camper for $800

There are many reasons for considering a tiny home build, from wanting to downsize to save money, to needing a tiny house for use as a guest cottage or weekend getaway. This step by step tutorial on "How To Build A DIY Micro Camper," is a great way to get the tiny house space your after.

This tiny do it yourself micro camper, is tiny living at just 40 square feet. This micro camper is designed to be light weight, but also proves to be very rugged and well insulated. The micro camper was built out of a reused 5 foot by 8 foot, 40 year old cargo trailer. The aim of this project, is to spend as little money as possible, so using reclaimed T&G cedar for the back and loft was a good choice, thus making the total cost for the entire micro camper build about $800. The entire build took about three weeks, in their spare time.

Some of the details on this micro camper named Bob, include; the micro camper uses a steel single axle trailer, aluminum side walls, r-13 insulation everywhere, birch bead board interior with pine trim, cedar loft platform with enclosed side to hold gear, reclaimed RV door, reclaimed RV crank out windows, birch ply floors, corrugated tin roof, twin deep cycle batteries to run 5 LED lights and a 110 V AC outlet that can be run by an inverter in the front storage box. This micro camper is convenient, easier than setting up a tent, the owner can stand up in it, easy to tow the owner uses a Nissan Xterra to tow the micro camper, and the camper is warm. To get the step by step instructions you'll want to look at the site.

To read more about this subject, visit the website link below to the "Instructables," website.

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