How To Build A Cheap Log Home

How To Build A Cheap Log Home

So many people dream of owning and even building their very own log home. Like any type of construction, if you do some or all of it yourself you are going to save money.

Before you start, do your research. Find a house plan and if you are going to make any modifications, do them on paper!

Changes to the structure once you begin will be far more costly. Be sure to plan, plan, plan. How many bedrooms do you want? How big should that kitchen be? Think about all the things that are going to make your home the perfect place and make little to no changes once you start to build.

Once you decide on the floor plan, talk about it and think of all the scenarios.

Do you live in an area that gets cold harsh winters? Does your plan include a wood fireplace and how about access of bringing in the wood.

Consider the tools you will need and use good quality tools that you perhaps can purchase on sale.

Educate yourself on the log home technique you want to use before you start and experiment on 'junk' pieces of logs before you start cutting the real ones. Throwing away a log is costly.

Take your time! Better to be precise than in a big hurry and do a careless job.

Be patient and budget enough time before you need to 'move in'. It is a lot of work to build any type of home and if you don't put undue pressure on yourself you will enjoy the project more.

Building a log home is a wonderful project, but just be sure that before you build you plan carefully! You dont want to make any mistakes while building your log home!

Remember the old saying "Measure twice and cut once!"

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