How to Bake Without an Oven

How to Bake Without an Oven

People, have you ever wondered how some people with no oven can still make delicious cakes and other pastries? Especially those who are living off the grid. Well, if we think about it, its not going to work. For bakers, its the end of the world. But for the person who created this how to bake without an oven article, its just another day. Life can still go on! *winks* The main material that is used here in baking without an oven is the Dutch oven. Do you want to know more about it? Yes, I do! Sure, young fella! Lets do this!

Dutch oven is a thick-walled cooking pot, usually cast iron but also ceramic and clay, with a tight-fitting lid. This has been used as a cooking vessel for hundreds of years already. In English-speaking countries, Dutch ovens are also called casserole dishes and in French; it is cocottes. They are used for slow cooking like making roasts, stews, and casseroles. As stated in Wikipedia, virtually any recipe that can be cooked in a conventional oven can be cooked in a Dutch Oven. One type of Dutch oven is the chuck wagon. Chuck wagon is also known as camping or cowboy. It has three legs, a wire bail handle, and a slightly concave, rimmed lid so that coals from the cooking fire can be placed on top as well as below. They are also made of cast bare iron, and sometimes aluminum. Dutch ovens will last long if they are well taken care of. There are ways on how to take care of them, depending on what you Dutch oven is made of. *smiles*

So guys, would you like to bake without using an oven? I would love to try! Now is the time for you click Homestead Honeys link below and see how you can bake without using an oven. *winks*

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