How Much Does A Log Home Cost To Build?

How Much Does A Log Home Cost To Build?

We all love a log home. And many of us dream that one day we drive up to a warmly lit log home in the middle of woods. Walk into the smell of a wood burning fire and hot cocoa being made in the kitchen. Without even knowing for certain, it is easy to assume that a log home is out of our reach and an unattainable goal due to the prices. So how much does it really cost to build a log home? This is actually one of the most frequently asked questions by a possible log home buyers like you, but still left unanswered most of the time as we need to consider some variations when it comes to cost.

Some variation in cost are from:

1. The company and what they charge.

2. The cost of wood.

3. The cost of shipping, which always includes current gas prices.

4. Where you live in the world and the cost of labour. A log home can be built by one man, but there is generally a team of people in order to peel the logs, run the chainsaws and crane and so on.

So what is an estimated cost?

Although this is not an easy question to answer because of the amount of variation from builder to builder. It is reasonable to say that for a very basic unfinished log package, you may be able to estimate $50 - $75 per square foot. This estimate can vary largely and can go up to as high as $1000 per square foot all depending on the builder, the types of logs and so on.

Keep in mind however, that since this does not include any sort of finishing. The average finished home is about $200 - $250 per square foot. So, the average unfinished Log Package by Peco Log Homes on a simple design would be $50 -$75 per square foot.

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