House Crush: Turning a Grain Silo Into a Cozy House

House Crush: Turning a Grain Silo Into a Cozy House

Isn't it always so amazing to see what kinds of things people can come up with? Here is a House Crush: Turning a Grain Silo Into a Cozy House. What a great idea! Many places in Canada could do this too, there are plenty of old silos in Saskatchewan and Alberta that would be perfect for this type of project. More people are becoming interested in staying in fun and funky places like this, where they can have a break from the normal same old same old, and have a little variety in their lives. This Gruene Homestead Inn, in New Braunfels, Texas would be a lovely place to spend some time!

The house was made from a silo from the 40s, and a little house was built in it, with a nice little patio on the front of it as well! The silo house has everything that a tiny house needs, a living room, a kitchen, a very nice bathroom and even an upper level that is reached by a nice rounded staircase. There is a king sized bed on the upper level for your sleeping comfort too! It is surprising that all of that can fit into a little cute silo.

Silos are usually used on farms to keep grain or other food products in, so that it doesn't get too wet or dry. I guess these people had an old extra one that they weren't using for that purpose, so they decided to make a tiny house from it. What an innovative idea! It just goes to show that houses can be made from almost anything. There are houses that are made from shipping containers that are quite spectacular, people use reclaimed and salvaged materials to build homes too which is a great way to recycle and reduce waste. Check out this awesome silo house, head over to 'Country Living' by following the link below for more!

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